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We are available for hire!  If you like the idea of having your own, professionally produced podcast for your website do get in touch.   I hope you’ll agree it’s just like having your own little piece of radio.   And, when you think about it, you’re broadcasting to the world!

Keith Allan on assignment

Our country concept store and coffee shop has been greatly influenced by our travels.   As  one time radio journalists working for BBC Radio 4 and contributing interviews and features to programmes like Today, The World at One, Woman’s Hour and making one off programmes for that network much of our work has been about travel and food which has brought us in contact with some remarkable restaurateurs and hoteliers.   In recent years we have also written travel articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, House & Garden and The Herald.    Indeed, it could be said that without the experience of visiting these special places throughout Europe we might never have opened The Old Dairy and launched our concept store.    Our podcasts are a record of those meetings which we hope you will find informative and entertaining and perhaps even inspire you to visit us as part of your own travels.

Simple ideas usually turn out to be the best and so it is with the BBC Antiques Road Trip. Put a couple of antiques experts in a classic car and send them round the country to see what they can find has turned out to be a formula for success, especially when they surprise us with how much, or how little, they end up getting at auction.

We’ve had two visits from the Road Trip in the last year and the latest to drop in was Charlie Ross, one of twelve dealers taking part in the programme.

Keith Allan interviewing Charlie Ross

Keith Allan interviewing Charlie Ross







Charlie Ross of the Antiques Road Trip Duration 4.54



Lady Waterford Hall

Lady Waterford Hall

Have you motored to Ford recently?  If you haven’t there’s something of a treat in store.  Little did we know that when we opened The Old Dairy as a concept store, right opposite Ford Castle, we would be telling the story of Lady Waterford, a remarkable woman who came to live here from Ireland more than 150 years ago.


Keith Allan interviewing Lord Joicey in Lady Waterford Hall

Keith Allan interviewing Lord Joicey in Lady Waterford Hall

The remarkable interior of Lady Waterford Hall

The remarkable interior of Lady Waterford Hall





Ford Podcast 2013 : Duration 14.24


Michel Roux in the Rialto market in Venice

Michel Roux in the Rialto market in Venice









Michel Roux in Venice   Duration 05:44

Michel Roux – always happy in a kitchen








Michel Roux early days in London Duration 04.42

The Waterside Inn at Bray










Michel Roux at the Waterside  Duration 06.28

Orient Express

Can you remember steam trains? If you can the chances are you’ll look back on them with affection because there was still a real sense of excitement when you stepped into your carriage and settled down for the journey.

But you know I’d go even further and throw in the word excitement and we still get that thrill today, even though the great clouds of steam and smoke have long since vanished from the tracks.

The Eurostar from St Pancras whisks you far and wide and if it’s to Paris you’re going there’s nothing nicer than a night in that beautiful city before catching a TGV to whatever destination in Europe you’re heading for.

But there is one train still running that offers a taste of another world. It’s pure excitement and it captures what train travel was like before anyone had even dreamed of flying. Venice is one of it’s great destinations and if you can finish it off with a night or two at the Cipriani so much the better. So, all aboard the Orient Express, it’s expensive, but worth every penny.








Orient Express to Venice  Duration 13.08

Marmalade Awards

You can’t sit down to a proper English, or even Scottish, breakfast without a great big jar of marmalade on the table. We like it with toast, croissants, brioche and, my all time favourite, a bacon and marmalade sandwich!

Last year, 2012, we entered a really fun competition called The World’s Original Marmalade Awards. It lasts two days and is held in Cumbria at a lovely house called Dalemain just up the road from Lake Ullswater and, as it happens, close to Sharrow Bay  the home of sticky toffee pudding and one of our favourite places.

Now this competition to find the world’s best marmalade makers is a serious affair. Some of the best artisan producers in the UK send in their marmalades to be poked and prodded and tasted by a dazzling array of high-powered judges and, frankly, we didn’t think we had a chance. We entered our Lady Waterford’s Orange Marmalade with Chips, which came from an old Victorian recipe, or receipt as they called it then, and lo and behold we won Silver in the Artisan Medium Cut Section. It made quite a bit of difference to our sales and inspired us to make a range of marmalades so that this year we are entering three types, but not daring to think of gold!

Anyway, we hope this podcast will inspire you to enter your own marmalade.   Go on have a go!   Entries close on February 15th 2015 and the festival itself takes place on the 28th February and 1st March 2015.


Marmalade sent from all over the world for the Dalemain Marmalade Awards








Marmalade Awards Duration 08.22