Coffee Shop


imageThe Bistro/Coffee Shop is the key ingredient to our Old Dairy concept.   Without it there would be no proper feel-good factor.   Our coffee is second to none.   It comes from an Edinburgh based company called Artisan Roast who are, quite simply coffee purists.  They have trained us in the delicate art of making and serving coffee from an espresso machine. As baristas we care passionately about serving the best cup of coffee for miles around.

Then come the cakes, scones, bread, pies and soups that we make in our AGA cooker.   Our customers tell us they are the best they have ever tasted.  Blueberry scones are popular too along with a rich,  chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, Victoria sponge and black magic – a wonderful cake made with almonds, no flour, dark chocolate, polenta and blackcurrants.

Ham and egg picnic pies and wood pigeon pies are a speciality, while our soups can be a full on vegetable or a more delicate sweet potato and coconut.

We have another secret weapon.  A champagne bar which looks out on one of the most gorgeous views in Northumberland – straight over Glendale to the Cheviot Hills.  A glass of fizz tastes rather special from here.


“Wonderful coffee.  Best outside Sydney.”    M.B.W., NSW Australia       

 ”What a wonderful place to find! Great cheese scones.”          H., Consett

“Amazing, cool, awesome!”               D., Holystone

“If we didn’t like it so much we wouldn’t keep coming back.”       R.G., Belsize Park

“Absolute Nirvana!”       T.H.,Coldstream