Arts and Crafts


A selection of Arts and Crafts furniture

There’s something special about a perfect tulip made from hammered copper on a piece of solid oak furniture. The metal has a unique glow.

By 1880 Britain was a huge powerhouse with an empire that stretched far and wide across the globe and it was a boom time, thanks to our inventive industrialists with their machines that could make almost anything. They certainly revolutionised the furniture making industry.

The Arts & Crafts movement was a clear and determined attempt to get away from this mass production that was spreading like wildfire. In short it was a return to craftsmen-made pieces, something created by hand and with pride. Hand tools once again sprawled across the work benches and the use of pegs and dowels, mortise and tennon joints, were the mark of something special.

Arts & Crafts furniture is an important part of our concept at the Old Dairy. It’s in the hands of Alex Nixon who has been a dealer for many years. Alex has an unusual eye for this particular style and more often than not he finds his pieces of funiture, large and small, in pretty awful condition. Mostly they just need the grime of a hundred years of use lifted from the wood and copper. And like a proud chauffeur polishing a Rolls Royce Alex transforms them into must-have pieces which are sent far and wide to our delighted customers.